Welcome to the Voelkel Farm

Welcome to the country! This blog is about the adventures in country life.

Meet Brad

When the corporate world left him in the dust, he pulled himself up by the bootstraps! With a hammer in his hand a knack for "seeing" the potential in fixer-uppers and all things junk, he successfully turned a falling-down 1860's farmhouse into a pretty yellow looker we like to call home. Brad has impressed us all (even himself some days) with his ability to tackle projects around the house. He's a self-proclaimed DIY-er and wants to share what he's learned with others.

Meet Britney

After 10 years working for "The Man", she gave Corporate America the finger and decided to pursue running a full-time portrait photography business. Small town life has been quite a change for her. Making trips to Target an hour away are the highlight of her life these days! Most of the time she's busy helping Brad doing man's work around the house and got in a scuffle with a wayward squirrel back when the farmhouse renovation began. Have no fear, a little ol' squirrel hasn't stopped her from helping with renovations, she's just learned to jump back faster :)

Meet Tooty

Tooty is what we called her ever since we brought her home from the hospital. She's taken to the country life just like a fish to water. She's now the town socialite and officially knows more people and has more friends here than all of us. She's ready to get her feet dirty and help out anyway she can - in fact she would prefer if you'd let her do it "her way." Even if her way requires wearing princess heels!