Thursday, February 24, 2011

As The Garden Grows - Part I

The past few days we've noticed greener pastures and flower buds popping up everywhere.  This can only mean one thing....Spring is here!  This Spring has seemed like it would never come - with all the freezing temps and SNOW, who would have thought we'd see that!

Another reason we've been antsy is because we've been working on our vegetable garden and can't wait to get our hands dirty!

You see, we tried to have a garden back when we lived in Cypress - in a highly deed-restricted neighborhood - and it was a HUGE.FLOP!  So now that we've got plenty of room to get the tractor in there to spread some compost and really get the dirt nice and fluffy, we're crossing our fingers that things work out a little better this go round!

During the last cold snap we had when the temps got down to 17, we decided to make the most of the cabin fever and get our indoor greenhouse contraption setup and plant some seeds.

We decided to use this setup by Burpee under Brad's homemade grow light :)

We decided to use these trays because they were self-watering, came with dehydrated dirt (this was so cool to watch the dirt GROW) and it had the lid that would soon create the perfect humid environment for the little seeds.

These are just a few of the veggies that we're trying out this year.

I'm super excited and hopeful for the tomatoes to produce.  Growing up on my grandparent's tomato farm has made me quite the tomato tomato at the grocery store can even compare with the homegrown variety.

So after about a week of living under the grow light, we had some little sprouts!  It's been so fun watching these grow and Addyson was especially excited to see how these seeds have turned into this...

....and now THIS!

As you can see we're busting at the seams with these plants and we're planning on putting them in the ground VERY soon, probably like this weekend!  So stay tuned for Part 2 of "As the Garden Grows"!

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