Thursday, March 24, 2011

You Complete Me | Homegrown Living, Shelby, TX

Remodeling our 1860's farmhouse was definitely a learning experience, hardwork, nerve wracking and an emotional rollercoaster.  However, it has been so exciting knowing that we were able to pull it off and we're still alive to talk about it!  We have been so pleased with how the renovations turned out, but there's been something desperately missing - landscaping!  The outside of the house has looked so pretty with it's new siding and fresh paint, but it just hasn't looked complete.  Kinda like putting on full makeup but leaving out the mascara or's just not right!

So this past weekend while Addyson was having some fun at MeMe's over spring break, Brad and shifted it into high gear and created flowerbeds where they didn't previously exist and put up some gutters too.

Here's some before shots:

Totally pathetic right?
And there was never a flower bed on this other side of the steps.  I think that's kinda weird - I'm sort of a freak about symmetry!

Well now, we've got some symmetry - and some color other than dirt!!

We still have a lot of work to do.  But it's come a long way baby!  Now our mission is to get grass back in the front yard.  All the trucks and workers and construction that happened just killed all the grass.  So maybe one of these days there will be some lush green grass.  For now though, I'm happy with some green in the flowerbeds!

And look what else  just sprouted up in our yard...our first rose!

These rose bushes have been on the property for ages and I cut them all back just a few weeks ago.  After the hard freeze we had this winter, I just knew that they weren't coming back, but I was pleasantly surprised!  Happy Spring Y'all!

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  1. Looks good!!!! Hope to see y'all at the Rat Rod show!

  2. I love the trellis you have in the corners of the flower beds. I too am very symmetrical. Drives me crazy when things are off balance visually.

  3. Bobbi Jo - I think that's a huge common trait for us creative types! :)