Sunday, October 30, 2011

Birdhouse Fun | Homegrown Living

Last weekend we actually had a Sunday that wasn't filled with a million things to do or places to go, so Brad and Addyson decided to enjoy the cooler weather outside and do an Addy & Daddy project.  They put together a birdhouse kit from Home Depot.  If you have a child ranging from 4-7, this would be a great thing to do together.

Brad had to help Addyson figure out the best way to hammer in all the nails...

and then there was learning how to follow instructions! 

 That's a hard one around this place :)

This little doll knows her way around tools apparently!  Look at her screwdriving technique :)

After lots of hard work, laughter and sticking out her tongue, the finished product was ready for some little birds to enjoy.

Well, there aren't actually any birds enjoying it at the moment.  It's now a new decoration in Addyson's room!

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