Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Professional Lemonade Maker | Austin County, TX Photographer

Hello friends – it’s been way too long.  Life has been crazy lately, to say the least.  I cannot believe it’s been over 4 months since my last blog post.  That’s just not acceptable.  But I’m back and that’s all that matters right?  So you’re probably wondering, what in the world has been going on in these crazy past 4 months? Well, a lot….  A few days after my last blog post, I took a job cleaning a bed & breakfast – yeah, you read that right – no need to have your eyes checked.  Sometimes in life, we’re presented with lemons and we are just forced to make lemonade – for real!  Since leaving corporate hell, I’ve tried like everything to find a “regular” job out here in the country.  Problem is, you have to know the secret password or at least know someone to even get them to look at your resume - even if you're totally awesome and have mad skills like me! lol  So when the cleaning job came along, I knew I had to take it or we were going to be eating eggs by candlelight, if you know what I mean.   A few weeks after starting that job, I was presented with an opportunity to work in an office – for 4 hours a week….yeah, you read that right too…kind of ridiculous right?  Well, it was a step in the right direction and they promised my hours would increase – so what did I have to lose?  Well, the hours did increase and I was up to working 8 hours a week, when suddenly, all the praying I had been doing finally paid off.

You see back in June, I inquired about a blogging/photography gig for a magazine/website,  you may have heard of it or seen it Texas LIVE Magazine – sounds right up my alley, right?  Well, of course I was completely excited and ready to start yesterday – but just like everything else in my life – I had to wait.  Finally close to the end of August, I got the call.  They wanted to sign me on with a 5 week contract!  I was so excited – my dream was finally coming true – I could take pictures….blog…go to work where I wasn’t required to scrub a toilet – and the best thing, they were going to pay me for it.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I would get paid to blog and take pictures. 

Of course with any media job, they had me hit the road running and my first assignment was pretty large and I was feeling pretty overwhelmed - trying to juggle cleaning a B&B, working at the office, completing my blog article assignments – and still be a mom and wife.  These past 5 weeks have been really tough, but I have had some amazing encounters and opportunities.  I was talking to Brad about this last week of my contract and we decided it was pretty hilarious.  You see, last Monday, I was among some great bloggers at a Blogger’s Luncheon being held at The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell (you know, the Shabby Chic Queen) as part of the Antiques Week festivities.  I was there with our Senior Editor Natalie covering this event and it was absolutely wonderful.  I got to sit right next to Rachel Ashwell for a few minutes at our table – and she was a lovely woman – but a couple days later – I was cleaning toilets and making beds at the B&B.  My life is very much an oxymoron these days to say the least – but it has been a wild ride!

P.S. - Be on the look out for the next Lil Miss Austin County Fair Winner - Addyson just entered this year, so I'm excited to see how she does!

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  1. Addyson is beautiful! And we are SO blessed to have someone with your talent and sweet attitude at Texas LIVE!